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replica watches yupoo Panerai launched a limited edition, limited edition 99, stainless steel, equipped with P 3000 manual movement, with 3 power. Impressive is that the brand shows a superb case carved engraving process, the engraving of the watch engraved from the interior wall of the marble florentine church in Florence inspired to show the purity of pure lines, and extends to the table and the crown on the crown, and more Tim case elegant style.
replica watches youtube The watch is still a continuation of the brand's large size, full 47 mm, little change in the shell, the top is covered with exquisite craftsmanship crafted by the exquisite designs, highlights the details of Florentine lily floral, craftsmen First with chalk and magnesium powder to describe the geometry and lily motifs, and then engraved carefully carving knife. Engraved to show the detailed texture, contrasting light and shadow. The process is carried out on a stainless steel case, so ask the craftsman can not be completely lost, otherwise you need to start all over again.
replica watches yahoo answers Elegant carved patterns on the sides and crown of the case, the marble-faced sculptures of the Florentine churches show the sight of the Italians' lofty understanding of the United States.
Circular arc mirror slightly protruding bezel, looks full full three-dimensional, read time is more transparent and clear.
The plate is the "sandwich" with the Panerai feature, originally designed for functional reasons to ensure that the Navy commandos can clearly discern time even in low light conditions. As we all know, Panerai Earlier for the Italian Navy OEM production of military watches, so the watch has a lot of military properties. Today, this disk structure is the brand continuation of this table luminous materials after doing the old treatment, with a sense of historical precipitation, deep introverted, reflecting the soldiers serious style and tenacity personality characteristics.
Watch with a wild crocodile leather strap, linked through the case with a slim lugs, replacement is also very easy and convenient. And waterproof watch 100 meters, has a very strong durability.
P.3000 equipped with a movement with 3 days of power storage time, you can rotate the crown to the winding on the chain. Stable movement superior, with a very precise go, the movement is also equipped with timing device, the clock can be adjusted independently, does not affect the minute hand operation.
Summary: Panerai often limited edition watch, but the watch full of sincerity, hand carved really can not be produced, but also a high artistic value. The price of this watch priced at 17,000 euros, not expensive, the movement is also equipped with a long power P.3000 movement, a comprehensive view of the price is still quite high, people should buy a lot

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