Ride the shade field Tiger TAG Heuer F1 series C Lo limited edition watch

6. září 2017 v 8:47
g replica watch There is no doubt that the green field can show the most C Luo style, in order to pay tribute to the Golden Globe three live, Tiger TAG Heuer launched this avant-garde green chronograph. Case of black matte to give this watch extraordinarily reserved characteristics, black and green and white NATO watch to watch the overall color is still out of color.
g shock replica watches Watch 42 mm table diameter, case material coated with black titanium carbide made of stainless steel, abrasion resistance is very strong. Coated with titanium dioxide on the black bezel with a raised chronograph speedometer scale, eye-catching at the same time three-dimensional prominent, giving the watch the shape of the movement. NATO strap inspired by the British army from the World War II used nylon strap, very flexible, anyone can wear comfortably. Strap color and disk color the same, the whole table looks natural and harmonious.
g shock replica watches in india The accuracy of this chronograph is as high as 0.1 seconds and the reading is displayed in a small time slot at 6 o'clock. 9 o'clock position set minutes chronograph, 3 o'clock position is the current second chronograph, above the white font with "CR7" - CR on behalf of C Lo, he wore jersey number 7. These three small timetable are using the bottom of the spiral pattern, the elegant black and large dial of the black checkered complement each other, more with the disk with a lot of green and beautiful clever.
The bottom of the table with screw-in design, water depth of up to 200 meters. Internal equipped with 5040.D-type quartz chronograph movement, superior performance, reducing production costs, making the watch retail price is not high, only 11250 yuan.
Watch the legendary figure, and now for the Yu-ship table chairman Mr. Beaver accompanied by C Luo to visit Tiger TAG Heuer watch factory. For Tiger TAG Heuer, C Luo in the pitch on the achievements and brand pursued by the "fearless challenge, self-achievement" to match, so specifically to create this limited edition watch used to pay tribute to the active football player.
Summary: As the tiger brand portrait of C Luo is not only personal career flourishing, but also with their own limited edition watch, so that his favorite fans can buy the green wear. Brand launched this watch in the price and not too much increase, take the public line, so that most people can have, quite sincere. At present, this table is not published limited edition, in my opinion is to promote consumption, so that everyone as soon as possible to buy, this piece represents the green field watch is a success, we must see a burst of market performance.

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