PRINCO fashion smart watch dotted different summer fashion

1. srpna 2017 v 10:14
Summer and ultimately, a variety of fun parties, less vibrant sunshine handsome out of the street. PRINCO smart watch to remove the conventional leather strap, there are nylon color band for consumers to choose. Whether it is tannin skirt or POLO shirt and jeans can match with the color band, the freedom and vitality of the interpretation of the most incisive, revealing a different kind of vitality. In short, whether you are free or unruly or mature, PRINCO smart fashion watch can make your charm type grid in the wrist to enjoy the release.

At the same time, PRINCO smart fashion watch, original dual battery structure, to avoid playing out and parties, the smart watch no electricity embarrassment. PRINCO smart fashion watch also has a smart watch function, only Bluetooth devices can be connected to the smart phone. In the summer music season and party activities, through the gesture function can be achieved photo shoot, exercise and other functions, filling the summer vitality and speed fashion.

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