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And finally handed over his homework, to start the Senate Senator Glaseri Senator 1-39-59-01-02-04

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replica watches singapore This is my first table, in the homework at the same time let me chatter nibbling it, recall the past, to commemorate it. I am 30 years old this year, 06 years of graduation into the community of this family, began to work to make money, was bent on their own to buy a Casio multi-function table, but because of the current income is limited, this desire has not been achieved. And later gradually gave up the idea, because after entering the community I know the best table called Rolex, a little bit worse is the Omega, and my goal is Longines, Tissot one of them, to work hard to work Money to buy the table (not the second generation is hard to force ah ...). In the hard struggle after 3 years that can finally buy a Longines, but it happens at this time to see the IWC, although only the wave Fenuo, although only the ETA movement, but let me so fascinated .....
replica watches south africa And then began a long love table tour, because I like with the small minority, it is relatively low-key it, so just began to love in the TAG Heuer 1887, and then also can not and the Portuguese meter is more like a day diving more homework, while Also let me know what is chronograph, what is the self-produced movement, and finally one day the courage to try to wear, only to find the original area is so thick ..... can only give up, and then fought other table altar , Omiga, IWC, Rolex, more and more expensive, more and more can not afford to buy, so it is several years ... ... poisoning has been deep ah. Period has also been the first piece of the table is to buy the dress table or diving table and tangled until this year, a colleague of the same kind of just want to go to Germany on a business trip, asked if I want to bring the table, but also coincides with my 30 will stand, so the decision Grace and niggas choose one of the first detoxification, let him go to Germany to help me with. replica watches sydney In the tangled when the election piece to see the GO, suddenly want to buy GO in Germany should be more authentic, so began to make up the crazy. Tell the truth GO let me most heart is the double gooseneck through the end, super beautiful, but the budget is limited, the first piece of the table or choose the third needle more appropriate, so 39-59 white face blue needle or deeply touched I was JLC 1548420 inserted in the middle, let me because of the gold balance wheel and ceramic bearings tangled for a while, and finally did not consider so much, Germany to buy German goods, or decisive 39-59 it. Fortunately, colleagues are also love the table of people, from Germany to Hungary, from Frankfurt to Budapest, all the way to help me ask, the final start price is quite appropriate. The first piece of life is finally hand

Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch

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replica watches suppliers Fusion of pure watch the traditional and classic elegant design, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines introduced classic engraved series 1969 pillow watch (Longines Heritage 1969). The style to Longines in the 1960s production of an antique watch for the prototype, for the classic engraved series add new work. This watch is equipped with pillow-shaped steel case and silver drawing dial, to reproduce the essence of the prototype design. Rose gold pointer and time scale, compared to the watch more elegant charm.

replica watches saleLongines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch
Historic Longines Museum is located in Soymia, Switzerland, where there are countless watches and clocks, witnessed the Longines since 1832 has been adhering to the Swiss watchmaking process. It is here that Longines draw inspiration from those very historic watches and pay tribute to the long tabulation tradition. Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch, to a Longines produced in the last century 60's antique watch for the prototype, the classic retro design reproduced in the world.
Prototype watches, including steel, gold-plated, 18K gold and other three different styles of style. Re-engraved watch is selected steel material, and silver in the drawing plate decorated with 12 rose gold material of the three-dimensional standard. Rose gold pointer instructions, minutes, seconds, clear and easy to read. The date display window is at 4:30 pm and is consistent with the design of the prototype watch.
Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch
Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch with 36 x 36 mm case, men and women can wear, simple and yet elegant. Pillow case and box-shaped crystal table mirror, giving the table with a unique charm. The style watch equipped with L888.2 self-winding mechanical movement, with 64 hours power reserve, and with black crocodile leather strap.
Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow-shaped watch
Longines classic engraved series 1969 pillow watch technical parameters
Watch number: L2.310.4.72.0 / 3
Movement: self-winding mechanical movement L888.2 (ETA A31.L01); 111/2 points, 21 gem bearing, vibration frequency 25,200 times / hour
Power reserve: up to 64 hours
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, 4:30 position with date display window
Case: pillow, 36x36 mm, stainless steel; multi-layer anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal table mirror
Waterproof: Waterproof depth of 3 bar (30 meters)
Dial: silver sun decorative dial, 12 rose gold three-dimensional standard
Pointer: rose gold
Strap: black short crocodile belt buckle strap

Exposing the true nature of the Tudor Jun Jue series of black plate diamond men's watch

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replica watches armani This Tudor Jun Jue series watch shape and hardness and economic, solemn at the same time highlight the elegant temperament. Tudor table work and texture is very good, leather and durable is a major feature, this section with stainless steel and 18K gold to create, the effect of gold exudes mature introverted temperament, very suitable for some social experience of men wear.replica watches ap

PRINCO fashion smart watch dotted different summer fashion

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Summer and ultimately, a variety of fun parties, less vibrant sunshine handsome out of the street. PRINCO smart watch to remove the conventional leather strap, there are nylon color band for consumers to choose. Whether it is tannin skirt or POLO shirt and jeans can match with the color band, the freedom and vitality of the interpretation of the most incisive, revealing a different kind of vitality. In short, whether you are free or unruly or mature, PRINCO smart fashion watch can make your charm type grid in the wrist to enjoy the release.

At the same time, PRINCO smart fashion watch, original dual battery structure, to avoid playing out and parties, the smart watch no electricity embarrassment. PRINCO smart fashion watch also has a smart watch function, only Bluetooth devices can be connected to the smart phone. In the summer music season and party activities, through the gesture function can be achieved photo shoot, exercise and other functions, filling the summer vitality and speed fashion.